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Nexus One

Before, you always heard people saying”OMG! The iPhone is so awesome!” No one ever said anything about Google when they were talking about SmartPhones. But now the chatting about Google has started because….The Nexus One Has Arrived!


Design And Features:

The Nexus One is the slimmer and much more user friendly version of the G1 which was one of Google’s old SmartPhone that didn’t fly. It is even slimmer than the iPhone (by O.8 mm)! The package also includes : a removable battery, 4 GB Micro SD storage card (expandable to 32 GB), USB charger and microphone headset.

As seen in the picture (above) the Nexus One has 4 functional buttons: back, menu, home, & search (respectively). Those buttons are activated on touch too! As you guys probably noticed the Nexus One also comes with the classical trackball. But most importantly the Nexus One has a 3.7 inch 480 x 800 OLED touchscreen which crushes the iPhones’s 480 x 320 display.

Only Flaw:

In this “holy” product I found only one minor flaw: battery life. The Nexus One’s battery time is rather short and after playing with it for 1/2 an hour it started to heat up and burn my hands (literally). I’m sure Google can solve it easily and in the versions of the Nexus that are to come, it will be fixed.
Price, Availability and other Details:

The Nexus One is available “humongous quantities” starting today at Google.com/phone. An unlocked GSM version of the phone that will work in most countries is $529.

Google is also offering a subsidized version of the phone – also unlocked – through T-Mobile for $179. The service plan offered by Google is 500 minutes/unlimited SMS/unlimited data for $80/month. T-Mobile’s termination fee is $200, and some users might be tempted to buy the T-Mobile version and terminate immediately, paying just $379 for the unlocked phone. People are not supposed to do that however. Google also says that users terminating too soon will be charged the full price of the phone, however. But even the T-Mobile version of the phone can be used while on oversea trips, vacations etc. by slipping in a different SIM

Renowned Software Features:

One of the coolest features Google has provided is a Voice Keyboard system. When searching or typing you can click a button to activate the Voice Keyboard.

Google will also offer a Settings Backup service that backs up profile, application, ringtone and other settings to the cloud. Setting up a new Android phone after using the backup service is a breeze. It takes about an average of 10 minutes to transfer all your contacts and such.

The Answer….

The Nexus One is a must buy!

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